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We will be at Abergavenny Food Festival in

the Upper Brewery Yard....Please pop by for a

chat! Saturday 20 – Sunday 21 September

Make it with mineral water! Recipes and serving suggestions...

Purple Perfection

Purple Perfection

Wimberries (blueberries work as well) picked from just above the Celtic Vale Spring mixed with our sparkling mineral water and a sage leaf. Muddle the ingredience together and enjoy. This tipple is truly produced in the Black Mountains!
Lemon & Lavender mineral water

Lemon & Lavender Mineral Water

No need for processed drinks! Keep it totally natural and very simple. Place lemon slices, a sprig of lavender and Celtic Vale Natural Mineral Water into a glass and leave to infuse for a few minutes.
Cucumber & Mint Mineral Water

Cucumber & Mint Mineral Water

A firm summer favourite so enjoy it while the sun is still with us! Mix Celtic Vale still or sparkling mineral water with fresh mint leaves, cucumber & ice.