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Our History

Our Natural Mineral Water is bottled at source from a natural artesian spring near Longtown - an idyllic village nestling in the foothills of the Black Mountains on the Herefordshire / Welsh border.

The business was started by Glyn and Dorinda Watkins in the 1980's as a diversification from sheep farming. It was Glyn's absolute conviction and belief in the quality of the spring that drove things forward from those humble cottage industry beginnings. Dorinda remains our MD and plays a very active role in the day to day running of all.

Today we bottle an extensive range of products in glass and plastic, distribute throughout the UK as well as developing new markets abroad. While our success has certainly been due to the outstanding quality of our water, we feel that remaining a family business and working closely with a great team of people has helped maintain the valuable beliefs upheld by our founders.

Our Water

Celtic Vale is officially recognised as a 'Natural Mineral Water'. To meet the required standard, the mineral content and flow must remain naturally constant for a period of two years, receiving no treatment other than minimal filtration and carbonation. 'Spring Water' and 'Table Water' are not subject to such stringent standards.

The underground source rises under natural pressure, producing up to 80,000 gallons of water per day. It is situated 800 ft above sea level in an area designated as a 'Protected Zone' and 'Area of outstanding natural beauty' by the Environment Agency. The catchment area covers around 3,000 acres of the Brecon Beacons National Park, where the spring surfaces on the eastern boundary high above any farm land which greatly contributes to its exceptional purity and low nitrate content. From source to table, every step of the way is carefully monitored so that you get to drink Celtic Vale just as nature intended.

Sulphate <20.00 mg/l
Magnesium 7.28 mg/l
Sodium 7.46 mg/l
Potassium <1.00 mg/l
Nitrate 5.30 mg/l
Chloride <10.00 mg/l
Calcium 42.00 mg/l

Our Environment

We believe that it's the pristine condition of our local environment that's responsible for the wonderful quality of Celtic Vale Natural Mineral Water. With this in mind we are passionate about protecting this valuable resource and consider environmental issues to be essential to our very survival. As a company we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, taking every opportunity to minimise impacts, explore alternatives and be environmentally aware and responsible.

  • As a recognised 'Natural Mineral Water' we are committed to producing a totally natural product. The water is of pure enough quality to be bottled as nature intended eliminating the need to be processed.
  • As guardians of the source we ensure the rainfall catchment area around the spring is free of any chemicals or contaminants. The wider catchment area falls under the protection of the Brecon Beacons National park and the Environment Agency who we are committed to work alongside and support.
  • We source all our raw materials from the UK and use reputable suppliers.
  • Wherever possible we use services from our immediate area and support local businesses.
  • Both our Glass and Plastic bottles are 100% recyclable along with our PET (plastic) caps and labels.
  • We bale and recycle all of our waste plastics.
  • We re-use or recycle our pallets.
  • We recycle our waste PET (plastic bottles).
  • We recycle our printer cartridges, paper and cardboard.
  • We ensure that our drivers use the most economical routes, reducing road miles and carrying optimal loads.
  • We use local distributors and carriers
  • We closely monitor our energy usage and take steps to minimise it wherever possible.

For the future it is our ambition to power the production area and offices using renewable energy and we are currently investigating several options of making this possible, the obvious excitement amongst the team being possibilities and recent developments in water power! Watch this space!

News Archive

    8 Good Reasons to Drink More Water, 2013

    • We can exist for over 2 months without food, but only a few days without water
    • Water keeps our body cells in prime condition
    • Increased water consumption can help reduce the potential harmful intake of too many caffeine and sugar loaded drinks
    • Sufficient water intake has been shown to reduce the incidence of respiratory, stress related and dietary problems
    • About 75% of our bodies are made up of water, but we lose about 8 pints of fluid a day
    • Doctors recommend drinking about 8 glasses of water a day to replace lost fluid and keep us in great condition
    • Lack of water can lead to poor concentration, fatigue, irritability and headaches
    • Being properly hydrated we feel more alive, have more energy and concentrate better


    Editorial in Herefordshire Life, 2010