Our bottled water cooler machines are a cost effective way of supplying your staff or family with the highest quality Mineral water. Celtic Vale spring water rises naturally to the surface in the mountains on the Welsh borders and is renowned for its purity and mineral content. We gained Mineral water status in 2001 and we are proud to have retained this status, consistently meeting the required standards monitored by external regulators.

We pride ourselves in supplying a high quality range of bottled water coolers, which are elegantly designed, demonstrating reliability and functionality. They have a silver / grey finish with an integral cup dispenser and are available in floor standing or counter top models. No plumbing is necessary, simply plug into a convenient 13amp power point.

The water cooler can dispense bottled mineral water at either a cool or cold temperature or should you require hot water, coolers providing both hot and cold mineral water can be supplied.

Installation & Sanitisation of the Water Cooler Machine

Following a request for one of our bottled water cooler machines, one of our engineers will carry out a site visit to establish where you wish to locate your water cooler and if required will install the cooler at the same time.

An important part of our service is the sanitisation programme. We recommend that your water cooler should be sanitised every 3 months, in accordance with the Bottled Water Cooler Association guidelines. This is carried out on the premises by one of our qualified service engineers who will thoroughly clean all the internal parts of the bottled water cooler, including the water reservoir where the water is chilled.

Natural mineral water Delivery

Our staff will regularly visit you to deliver Celtic Vale bottled mineral water. We are able to set up a standing order for delivery at intervals to suit your needs or alternatively you can contact us to arrange a delivery when you need more bottled water. Delivery is free for regular small orders within our standard delivery area, covering south east Wales, the Welsh Borders, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Rent or Buy

You have the option to rent or buy one of our bottled water cooler machines.

To rent a water cooler we offer a twelve month contract. For rented machines all maintenance is the responsibility of Black Mountain Mineral Water Company Ltd. and in the case of a breakdown, if the machine cannot be repaired it will be replaced.

If you would prefer to purchase a bottled water cooler machine then please contact the office for further details on 01873 860 295. If required Black Mountain Mineral Water Company will undertake the sanitisation and maintenance of the machines, costs available on request.